Responsible Gaming Policy

Win Big Slots is committed to endorsing responsible gaming as a policy of customer care and responsibility. It is our responsibility to you, our Participants, to ensure that you enjoy your experience on our Promotional Platforms, while remaining fully aware of the potential risks that can be associated with gaming if you don’t remain in control. It is our goal to ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable play, and so, we fully support responsible gaming and have put measures in place to assist players who wish to control their play.


  • 1.1 Online games are a fun form of entertainment. Below are tips to help you control your gaming:
  • 1.2 Online games should be played in moderation and not to generate income through winning rewards.
  • 1.3 Plan for your entertainment by setting a budget of how much Entries you will play with. Make use of Win Big Slots free to play options.
  • 1.4 In addition to setting a budget of Entries, you should set a budget of time spent playing.
  • 1.5 If you feel like you need a break from gaming, follow steps in section 2 to take a free break.
  • 1.6 It is beneficial to you to consider taking a self-assessment quiz if you think you are playing to much. Self assessment questions are offered in section 3.


  • 2.1 We are pleased to offer responsible gaming features and encourage our Participants to take advantage of them.
  • 2.2 Win Big Slots will send reminder notifications to Participants who have experienced excessive losses.
  • 2.3 You can respond to reminder notifications to suspend your account at any time.
  • 2.4 If you feel like you need to take a break from gaming, you may contact us at to voluntarily exclude yourself from our Promotional Platforms.
  • 2.5 If you would like a definite suspension, please contact us and notify our customer support by stating you require a Definite Self-Exclusion. Our support team will suggest a timeframe for you.
  • 2.6 If you would like an indefinite suspension, please contact us and notify our customer support by stating you require a Indefinite Self-Exclusion. Our support team will then suspend your account.
  • 2.7 During a self-exclusion period, you will not have any access to our Promotional Platforms. If you require access to your account history and information you will need to email Customer Support via
  • 2.8 At the conclusion of a Definite Self-Exclusion, your access to our Promotional Platforms will be reinstated.
  • 2.9 You will no longer receive any further marketing materials from Win Big Slots once the self-exclusion is applied. We strongly recommend that you also seek exclusion from all other gaming platforms you have an active account with.


  • 3.1 Do you often re-live gaming experiences or think about future ones?
  • 3.2 Do you lie about gaming?
  • 3.3 Do you get very angry when someone or something interrupts a game?
  • 3.4 Have you ever taken a break from gaming and binged uncontrollably upon your return?
  • 3.5 When upset, do you soothe yourself with games?
  • 3.6 Do you lose hours of sleep to gaming?
  • 3.7 Does gaming contribute to arguments in your relationships?
  • 3.8 Do you find yourself gaming in the early morning?
  • 3.9 Do you set limits with gaming and then break them, playing hours longer than intended?
  • 3.10 Have your hours spent gaming increased over time?
  • 3.11 Do you feel guilt and shame around your gaming?
  • 3.12 Does gaming contribute to arguments in your relationships?
  • 3.13 Do you become irritated and defensive when people suggest you might be gaming too much?

  • The more questions that you answer “yes” to, the more likely it is that you are having difficulties with your gaming. To speak with someone who can give you advice and support, please contact the Support Organisation referred to in section 4.


  • 4.1 Should you wish to access help and support services for people who have been adversely affected by gaming, we advise you to get in touch with the Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA) using the following email address:
  • 4.2 Please not that Win Big Slots is NOT affiliated in any way with Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous.