Welcome to Win Big Slots😍🥳🎰 We're happy you're here to claim your FREE REFERRAL BONUS! You must use the same email address that is registered with your Win Big and Cleo's Heart Jewelry accounts. To claim a bonus, you must donate a minimum of $20 using our Get Points form or purchase a minimum of $20 from Cleo's Heart Jewelry. See below steps to receive your bonus:

1) Enter your email and phone on this form and click the submit button,
2) On the next screen, enter the referral code you received from your friend's invite and click the submit button,
3) On the next screen, select the membership platform you donated to (Win Big Slots or Cleo's Heart Jewelry). If you select Cleo's Heart Jewelry, enter the order number from your Cleo's Heart Jewelry💍 purchase of $20 or more. Then select the gaming platform you would like your bonus added to.

Once we confirm that you have met the referral reward conditions, both you and your friend will receive bonus points🥳 Bonus points received are based on the purchase total from your qualifying donation:

1000 points each for $20 - $49
2000 points each for $50 - $99
3000 points each for $100 and up

You may receive one bonus as an invitee. Please allow 10 minutes for your Bonus Points to load.

Please fill in your email and phone number: