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Win Big Slots offers a wide range of thrilling slot games that have unique themes, excellent bonus rounds and large jackpots. Play hundreds of the best slot games, table games, and specialty games for REAL MONEY!

Our online games for real money are split between TEN promotional platforms, River, GrandX, Orion Stars, Phantom, Golden Dragon, VPower, Ultra Monster, Blue Dragon, XGame Ocean King and Pot of Gold! To help you get started, please see below step by step instructions:



First-time participants may complete a Free Entry Request form to receive 100 Reward Points free of charge for use on the Promotional Platform of their choosing. The platform you choose will determine the games you play. Once you complete the form, you will receive a text and email in 5-10 minutes with your account information and instructions on how to access the platform.

👉A Participant may collect additional Reward Points as a free bonus when donating and completing our Get Points form or by purchasing items at Cleo's Heart Jewelry. Our promotion is:

For each $10 you donate, earn 1,000 free reward points, $20 = 2,000 free reward points, etc. Please only donate whole numbers.



Enjoy the best online gaming entertainment while playing for real money. Whether you are requesting 100 free entry points or would like to receive free entries as a bonus to your jewelry purchase, we will send you an email with your account information and instructions on how to access each promotional platform and quickly begin your 🎰gaming experience🎰




As you use the Get Points form, you progress through our membership rewards program. When you submit the Get Points form, you'll receive a text message letting you know your current level and progress to the next. When you level up, we'll send you another text letting you know to Claim Your Bonus here. Each time you level up, you'll receive 🎁2000 FREE BONUS🎁 points.


Members who have reached Level 1 may receive a DAILY bonus when participating in our Pick Your Prize Giveaway❗ The game is essentially the same as Riversweeps daily wheel, but members get to choose their bonus from ALL of our sweepstakes platforms🙌 Games are available to you based on your Win Big Slots Level number or Cleo's Heart Jewelry rank. The higher your level, the higher the available prizes and expected return🤩 There are TWO GAME TYPES for each Level/Rank. Type 1 is a low volatility game that gives you a greater chance to win a small to medium prize. Type 2 is a high volatility game and you either win 100 points, or a much larger bonus. The question is, Are You Feeling Lucky❗❗🤑 You may play either type 1 or type 2 once a day if you are eligible. You must be active with the membership platform you choose within the last 24 hours to be eligible. The game is limited to one use per day (based on UTC hours)



Exclusive Members purchasing jewelry from Cleo's Heart Jewelry will journey through 5 Ranks: Owl, Panda, Tiger, Dragon and finally Phoenix! Each rank consists of 6 sub-levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Titanium (30 total levels).

New Exclusive Members will join the 🦉Owl Rank🦉. As an Owl Member, each time you level up you'll receive larger rewards, from 2,000 Bonus Points to 125,000 Bonus Points.

Exclusive Members who level past Owl will reach Panda and above - receiving the largest 💰FREE BONUSES🎁, from 150,000 Bonus Points for each Panda level to 500,000 Bonus Points for each 🔥Phoenix🔥 level you reach.



Our games have industry leading Return to Player (RTP) rates, bonus rounds and huge jackpots. When you have winnings of $100 or more, you may redeem winnings for 💥REAL CASH💥. Just fill out the Redemption Request Form and our support team will contact you within 15 minutes to confirm your redemption.



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