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Win Big Slots members who have reached Level 1 (or Cleo's Heart Jewelry Owl Bronze & Above Members) may receive a DAILY bonus when participating in our Pick Your Prize Giveaway❗ The game is essentially the same as Riversweeps daily wheel, but members get to choose their bonus from EIGHT sweepstakes platforms🙌 Games are available to you based on your Win Big Slots Level number or Cleo's Heart Jewelry rank. The higher your level, the higher the available prizes and expected return. More games to come soon🤩

WIN BIG SLOTS GAME TWO AND CLEO'S LEVEL TWO HAVE BEEN RELEASED FOR ALL RANKS❗ For example, Level 1 members may play either the Level 1 Game One or the Level 1 Game Two game (choose one per day). All ranks now have the option to play a HIGH VOLATILITY game. In game two, you either win 100 points, or a much larger bonus. The question is, Are You Feeling Lucky❗❗🤑

You must be active with the membership platform you choose within the last 3 days to be eligible. The game is limited to one use per day (based on UTC hours).

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